Sweden Nails Nail Polish
 is free from 

Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Hydroquinone mono methyl ether (MeHQ), Hydroquinone (HQ) & Parabens.

It is also cruelty free, vegan & glutenfree.

It stays for up to 1 week and is highly pigmented.

Sweden Nails Pride collection
Sweden Nails Attitude Collection
Sweden Nails Euphoria Collection

Sweden Nails Hand & Body Lotions 
are cruelty free & suitable for most skin types.
Daily use recommended. 

Sweden Nails Saint Tropez Lotion
Sweden Nails Paris Lotion
Sweden Nails Marbella Lotion
Sweden Nails Miami Lotion


Marbella - Aloe Vera

Miami - Coconut

Saint Tropez - Peach

Paris - Pommegranate

Sweden Nails Treatment Collection
consists of different products to get good & healthy nails.

Shine & Go Top Coat
Base & Top Coat
Nail Strengthener
Stop Biting (1)


Base & Top Coat
 - 2 products in 1 bottle that gives you the perfect base
and last a super shiny gloss.

Shine & Go Top Coat - Quick dry Top Coat

Nail Strengthener - Concists of vitamine A/B/C/E, Argan Oil and Rose stem cells.
Makes the natural nail stronger and it also works as a ridge filler. 

Stop Biting - With its bitter taste it helps you get rid of bad habbits biting your nails
and cuticles.

Nail Polish Remover - Without Aceton that removes Nail Polish easily without any damage
to the natural nails. 
Can also be used as a cleaner to remove all oily surface on the
nail plate before applying nail polish for best result.

Cuticle Oil - Concists of mineral & Almond Oil. 

Maintains the natural hydration of the nail and cuticles. Daily use recomended.

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